The Use of Artificial Grass in Sports

13th September, 2016

Have you ever been lazing on the sofa, gazing at the TV as the sport is about to start, and find yourself immersed with just how good the pitch looks? Take golf for example, it’s impossible to watch a round of The Masters without appreciating how beautiful and green it all looks. Well, what you might not have known is that it’s the artificial stuff that always attracts our eye, as it’s much more attractive than conventional grass.

Artificial grass is obviously designed to look as natural as possible, but the biggest difference is the constant deep shades of green that stay with it all year-round. It’s so much more aesthetically pleasing than conventional grass, that its popularity amongst residential lawns continues to grow; however, artificial grass (or turf) first made a name for itself within sport.

A huge reason it is used throughout different sports is the lower amount of maintenance that comes with it. Artificial grass is much more durable than the natural stuff and can stand up better to heavy use- such as men in studded boots sliding across it. It also requires no trimming or irrigation, and there is no need to worry about the amount of sunlight it is getting within a large stadium.

Artificial turf was first used in the 1960’s in Houston, where it was installed in the tremendous Astrodome- which is primarily used for baseball. As the industry has evolved, this AstroTurf has developed into a surface with longer fibres and sand/rubber infills, ultimately offering an authentic, natural feel without any of the high maintenance.

Artificial grass is now used in a range of sports, from football to hockey, as it provides a smoother surface for the sport to be played on. It’s incredibly popular within golf and tennis, and is also used for rugby and cricket.

We work in partnership with the leading synthetic sports manufacturer in Europe, and install high quality AstroTurf style sports surfaces- as well as artificial lawns for recreational activities.

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