Top 3 artificial grass accessories

6th September, 2016

Artificial grass is well known for its low maintenance; there is no need for a lawn mower, no need to worry about big downpours and no need to watch the furry friends like a hawk. However, to ensure your artificial grass lasts as long as possible, Quickgrass recommend several accessories to get that aesthetically pleasing lawn to beat all other gardens…


The fabric used is manufactured in order to aid the flow of water through the membrane and prevent the pooling of water on the surface. It is simply laid on top of any surface before installing the artificial grass on top. From artificial grass to decking, it can go under a range of different surfaces and is suitable for all weed supressing tasks.

Quickgrass recommend this accessory because it lets water through but stop weeds from penetrating the surface. Plus, no chemicals are used which ensures it is child and environmentally friendly and it is easily covered with artificial grass and other alternatives.

U Pins

The recommended way to secure artificial grass into soft ground is with U Pins from Quickgrass. You simply apply a small amount of pressure to the pin, ideally with a gentle tap from a rubber mallet, and place a pin around the edge at approximately one metre.

The shape of the pin, a unique U shape, will allow the pin to sit below the pile of grass and therefore not be seen.

Heavy Duty Trimming Knife

With a softened grip handle, retractable safety blade and a quick release compartment; this accessory is ideal for artificial grass and any DIY trimming jobs, especially if you fancy yourself quite the professional. Customers must be over 18 to purchase for law and safety reasons.

So if you’ve just had artificial grass installed or you’re perhaps considering a switch to where the grass is greener, these accessories are a must in the household!

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