Trampoline Artificial Grass Mats from Quickgrass

12th June, 2013

Fed up with bald, muddy weed patches under the children’s trampoline?

Here’s the perfect solution from Quickgrass available to buy online and delivered directly to your home.

Quickgrass Artificial Grass Trampoline Mats are manufactured from our outstanding Fairway Artificial Grass Range and shaped specifically to match the circular diameter of your trampoline. Each grass mat looks so realistic and is easily placed under your trampoline and simply secured onto soft ground using our Quickgrass ‘U’ Pins approximately every 1 metre around the edge.


Our trampoline mats are available in 4 sizes, each supplied with Quickgrass U Pins for fixing.

6ft diameter Mat £35.00
8ft diameter Mat £80.00
10ft diameter Mat £98.00
12ft diameter Mat £120.00

Why not consider buying the next size up and give your children that extra 2 feet all the way round to use whilst climbing on and off the trampoline where they leave their shoes without having all those muddy wet socks?

Click HERE to view and buy the Quickgrass Artificial Grass Trampoline Mat

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