UV Stability and Colourfastness of QuickGrass

8th September, 2015

It’s all good and well having those tasty barbeques and evening drinks outside over summer, posting pictures on social media for everyone to lust over. The sunshine, the food, the bright colours… Then comes winter. It’s depressing to look out into your garden and see the scrubby faded patches of grass that were once a lovely vibrant green with healthy blades of shiny grass. You tell yourself it’s just what happens in winter. Everyone has grass that looks like that in winter, right?

Wrong! With QuickGrass, your lawn can look fresh and bright all year round, even in the darkest and coldest of winters. Our artificial grass is completely UV stable which means that no matter the season, no matter what the weather it still looks good, remaining a beautiful vivacious shade of green so that through the snow, the sleet and those depressing grey skies you’ll have a lovely little gem of a garden just for you.

Our artificial grass is produced with the best quality colouring agents and UV stabilizers and is thoroughly tested to ensure the highest standards are met. It’s completely colourfast and fade-resistant. Snow won’t damage the colour, even if it’s thick and solid covering the entire lawn. Just wait for it to melt away and you’ll see for yourself just how strong and stable QuickGrass is!

Quickgrass Installation

The colour looks great in autumn too against those golden and orange leaves that fall onto your lawn, blown in on the wind. It’s almost like a little incentive to keep your garden looking clean and tidy all year round. It’s easy to neglect your garden in the colder months when it’s dull and dreary outside, but with your artificial grass shining bright for you, you might just be tempted to venture out and maybe have a sweep or a tidy. It means less work for you when the sun eventually does put its hat on and peep out from behind those grey clouds, because you’ll have kept on top of the garden all year round, in turn meaning you can get out into the sun and enjoy your grass the way it was meant to be enjoyed a lot quicker!

We’re not called QuickGrass for nothing!

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