What a Transformation!

9th October, 2015

It’s not often we get the full picture here at QuickGrass, and by that we mean we don’t always get photos of before and after to show you. The customer in question here had found that other companies were not customer focused, ignoring his requests for quotes and consultations which left him feeling disheartened. As usual though, it was QuickGrass to the rescue, and this was the result…

“Firstly after contacting many other firms for a quote and never getting any replies from anyone I found your details on yet another Google.co.uk search.

When you answered me you made me feel welcome and it was not long before we both where laughing and joking with each other.

You then went on to give me all the important information about Astro Turf that no one else even bothered.

And when you said you would send me some samples they duly arrived the next morning and were of large size that we could walk on to get a feel for what was best.

Your Fitter Mark then called me then came round to see what we needed even though we really didn’t have a clue what we could have or even get.

What a great ambassador he is for you and your products, an very likable chap; very skilled in every respect and in short what a fantastic job he did.

Not only an Astro Turf Lawn, but also an Indian Sand Stone Patio area for our table and chairs.

I have included a few photos to give you an idea, and also to say if you wish to use us as a recommendation for new customers in our area then please pass them my Mobile number only and we will be happy to help.

Thanking you once again for your help and good advice and also many thanks to Mark and his staff for an outstanding job.

With our very best wishes.

Regards Bob & Maggie Bowen”

What a transformation! As always, here at QuickGrass we’re proud of what we do and we always love hearing from our customers, and of course seeing the photos! How fantastic does the end result look?

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