Why Choose Quickgrass

Why Choose Quickgrass

It’s all about the Yarn!

So, why is Quickgrass one of the best artificial grass products available? Well, it’s all about the yarn!

Quickgrass artificial grass products create a natural-looking lawn that not only has the overall appearance of natural-looking grass, but the feel and texture too. When looking at other artificial grass brands, some manufacturers grass yarns are manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. The result is unrealistic, shiny, plastic, fake grass. The structure of their grass yarns is poor and they will discolour, break down and fall apart. They will deteriorate in much the same way children’s plastic toys, which are left outside in the garden will. They will eventually discolour, fade, become brittle and fall apart.

  • Inspired by nature
  • Close to perfection
  • Natural look and feel
  • Child and pet friendly
  • Unique shaped fibres
  • UV-stabilised

In developing their high-quality artificial grass range, Quickgrass teamed up with their manufacturing partners based in Holland, Belgium, and Spain who use the Tencate yarn in manufacturing. Tencate are global leaders in yarn manufacturing and they are frontrunners in their industry, placing continuous investments into the latest yarn technology.

With the backing of this leading yarn manufacturer, you can be sure you are in safe hands when placing your order with Quickgrass.

  • Resilient
  • Made and designed
  • Holland and Belgium
  • Excellent UV Stability
  • Lead Free
  • Non-Toxicity
  • Colour Fastness
Quickgrass Yarn
Tencates’s unique manufacturing process creates yarns that actually mimic the real fibres of grass. Micro veins run lengthways which give a ‘low sheen’ appearance to the grass which when laid creates a more natural-looking lawn.

Quickgrass EN71-3

Quickgrass prioritises safety for your family and offers great peace of mind

You are in safe hands with Quickgrass as we have ensured that all of our grass products are tested using the EN71-3 norm. This test is the same test used on toys to make sure they are considered safe. They need to have a PAH level of Zero. No harmful substances are released when small children play or even suck these toys.
Safety for Toys - EN71-3 CompliantQuickgrass is supplied from within the EU, which means it meets the strictest quality standards. Our grass is lead-free making it entirely safe for your family and your pets. The fibres do not contain any plasticisers, detrimental dyes or heavy metals (lead chromate) Quickgrass has the RADICI Certification of Non-Toxicity.

Quickgrass up close

Quickgrass is Super Soft

Quickgrass has captured the natural look of nature with their unique brand “Soft Touch”. Quickgrass has continually developed its range of artificial grass products and Soft Touch has a realistic feel and appearance. You’ll be amazed how a Quickgrass lawn looks and feels like natural grass!

As well as being soft, it’s also practical and safe for play. Whilst Quickgrass is extremely durable, it is also soft and children will love crawling and playing on it. With a Quickgrass artificial lawn installation, you don’t need to worry about children and pets getting muddy or wet when it rains. Quickgrass doesn’t get slippery when wet, and it will dry quite quickly following a shower or a downpour of rain. After a short time, the children can go and play outside on the lawn again.

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