Why we recommend artificial grass in London

22nd February, 2016

When you’re a busy Londoner there’s not much time for gardening. In some areas the gardens attached to residential homes are a decent size but for others the garden is so small it’s almost not worth it. Whatever the size though, whether you’re a career person or a stay at home parent you’re always going to be busy and that’s when the garden work can get overwhelming. Grass growing out of control, muddy patches, unidentified weeds popping up all over the place, and what’s that leafy thing creeping up the wall?

You really could do without the lawn mowing and if you’re not that handy with a mower it’s such a chore. Small lawns are awkward, big lawns are just so much effort. Disposing of grass cuttings, storing the mower. . . and if you have a gardener to do all that then that costs money you could do with saving. It’s easier all round if you have no grass, right? Wrong. Paving stones make for nasty bumps and bruises when the kiddies fall over on them.

That’s why we recommend artificial grass. It’s soft underfoot, safe, non-toxic and durable plus it has longevity of life. Our prices are competitive and you won’t find a better quality grass, we promise that. Installers are using our artificial grass in London every week and we’re really pleased that our product is getting out there. Homes all over West London are enjoying the benefits; people are using our artificial grass in Camden, Ruislip, Battersea, you name it, if it’s in West London chances are our grass has been installed! Visit our website today and see for yourself how fantastic our products are.

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