Woburn in High Demand!

22nd April, 2016

Woburn is pretty much a celebrity now in the world of artificial grass! It’s in such high demand and everyone who works with it says it’s the most realistic and natural looking grass they’ve ever seen! It is so adaptable and looks fantastic in every kind of garden design we’ve seen it used in so far. Take these two very different gardens for example. The top picture is of a gorgeous little front garden, complete with flowers and an air of vintage charm, the bottom picture being a contemporary back yard with clean crisp lines and a modern, minimal feel.


The best thing about the astronomical popularity of Woburn is that we are the only distributor in the U.K, you cannot get this product anywhere else! Woburn really is in high demand and we are just astonished at how many people ask us for it! It has been hailed as the softest artificial grass available, so we are proud as punch that we are the ones to be selling this. It’s stunning and the price is so competitive, we’re proud to say that Woburn is a QuickGrass product.

If you fancy seeing what all the talk is about, or if you’re actually one of those fashionable folk who really like to be cutting edge and bang on current trends, give our Facebook page and website the once over and see for yourself why everyone is raving about Woburn, the UK’s bestselling artificial grass available exclusively from us here at QuickGrass!


Woburn in Summer

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